Workshops & Residencies

Roger presents at both national and regional conferences, but taking visual tools to schools, getting hands-on with teachers and learners is the easiest way to show how visual tools make learning easier and more engaging. Custom design an in-service workshop or classroom residency — contact Roger. To see a sampling of Keynote titles click here.


Teacher Workshops and In-service trainings: Let Roger show teachers and specialists how easily visual verbal tools can be integrated in your curriculum, for reading, writing, math, science, vocab and more. Explore practical tools and road tested strategies to:

  • Dramatically increase reading comprehension.
  • Offer writers tools that make brainstorming and revision easier.
  • Make content more concrete, and note taking more memorable.
  • Make difficult content easier to grasp and easier to share.
  • Make any classroom more Inclusive as we prepare learners for the digital visual future.
  • See how visual tools make differentiation an instant reality because these tools offer a broad range of “different learners” an effective bridge to text.

Disabled and Gifted get Visual: You’ll want to be sure SLPs and Special Ed staff attend — these tools are especially powerful for learners who struggle with text skills — but they are also the secret weapon of the gifted and talented classroom.


Residencies: Get hands-on with visual tools. A lively Author presentation is an exciting way to introduce students to visual tools. Roger shows how storyboards and simple drawing are a natural entrance to writing.

See a sampling of Residencies built to meet your learners needs. Areas of focus can address:

  • WRITING: See how a visual-verbal writing process connects writers with their audience pulling all learners into the literacy circle.
  • READING: Use storybords to teach essential visualization skills. See how simple sequenced drawings as visual notes make abstract ideas concrete,anchoring reading and making class discussion more meaningful.
  • CONTENT AREA: Math, Science, Social Studies, Vocab and more: visual tools can make any content easier to grasp, from math story problems to social studies reading see how visual make ideas more accessible.