Author Illustrator Presentations

“You really inspired us. The kids can’t stop talking about you . . . I think half of the students have dreams of becoming writers.” — Librarian, Kendall NY

Let Roger show your students the excitement of writing and creating picture books. In this lively presentation students see how stories and pictures can be a natural bridge to satisfying writing. Roger shows rough sketches and finished artwork as students and teachers learn how storyboards are used by professional writers to build ideas.

Creating stories is the central focus, but overcoming learning problems is the underlying theme. Roger shares own childhood struggles learning to write, and shows how all students can use their natural drawing and telling skills as their entrance to writing.

As one teacher said “… a wonderful artist AND story teller but to share your difficulties as a child in school with students is so helpful!”

An Author-Illustrator Presentation is a great way to introduce students and teachers to visual-verbal tools for writing. See how simple stick-pics can be used to build a story, square by square. Learn how building ideas in pictures can be an effective shortcut to text, helping the writer get ideas on paper, and how sharing a storyboard with an audience can make revision easier as well.

You’ll want specialists to attend this student presentation. These tools are especially effective for students who struggle with text skills and content. Please note — while the focus here is writing, these tools boost reading comprehension and grasp of content.

Picture Book Connections

Roger is an author and illustrator of a number of award winning picture books, and he anchors his presentation with his story Reunion,

where a boy climbs in an old family photo to introduce the excitement of building stories in both pictures and text. Take a look inside Reunion.

To see more about his Picture Book work look here.