A Sampling of my Artwork in Two Albums

For many years I’ve been making pictures, for exhibition in galleries and shows, and for illustrations in books and magazines. I’ve put together a sampling of artwork on a couple of pages. You’ll also find more about making pictures and the stories connected to them.

Fine Art — A Family Album

Most of my personal artwork centers on family images — large black and white drawings that combine several images layered one over the other. These drawings grew from family snapshots taken over three generations. The mosaic of the drawings tell stories, both about the times past when they were taken and about the present too.My work with old family pictures was also the beginning of the picture book Reunion, a story about a boy who climbs into a old family photo and has an adventure with his own great grandfather. Take a look.


Take a look at a sampling of illustrations, pictures from picture books as well as work done as a freelance illustrator for magazines in various media and styles. The first picture, of a boy climbing into a picture is from my first picture book, Reunion. The second picture of cars in a junkyard a sample from an unfinished picture book.