Getting the most from an Author Presentation

Preparation for Author Visit

Rogers’s author presentation is anchored around the story in his picture book Reunion. Students will get the most out of the presentation if they have heard the full story. (Copies of the book can be sent to your school in advance of a visit at no cost — and books are available for sale if you choose. See Coordination this page.)

Roger will be showing the way old family stories are woven into the picture book story. Teachers reading students the story may want to expand on the themes of the book — including the ways students might explore their own family stories and pictures.

Reunion is also a time travel story, Jon climbs into an old picture and finds himself in a black and white world. Students may want to explore ideas about the past, why for example the folks in the story are cutting the ice.

In one scene the boy from the past and the boy from the present get in an old car… this is a retelling of my grandpas story about kids getting in trouble when cars first appeared. .. to learn more click on the picture.

Coordination before and during the presentations

Coordination: Author/Illustrator School Presentations

Roger’s presentation is anchored around the storybook Reunion. Copies of the book can be sent to your school at no cost. Please see that all students are familiar with the book. Your school can offer student a chance to purchase books — this is optional -for details see below

Set Up / Group Size:

  • Groups should be less than 60 (one grade level is best) so all can see original artwork.
  • Keep sessions, (3 max) in the same room (set up takes considerable time.) An intimate setting, the library or a large classroom where students can sit on the floor and all see and hear is preferred– an auditorium stage or gym is not best setting.
  • Presentations are for minimum full hour, 90 minutes is ideal, with added time for groups to get in and out. Longer is better to allow plenty of time for interaction/questions.

Ordering Books:
Students have the opportunity to buy two hardcover picture books from Simon and Schuster. Roger can bring and sign books on the days of his presentations. Ask me to email you a STUDENT BOOK ORDER FORM you can copy and send home.

Reunion: The story of a boy who climbs into an old family picture goes back in time and meets his own great grandfather. Booklist said: “Kids who like to pore over their old family photographs will understand how pictures hold secrets that can come to life if you look hard.”

Appointment: (grade three and up) a scary story about fate with a trick ending. Booklist said: “This dramatic picture book adaptation of W. Somerset Maugham’s ‘Appointment in Samarra’…is very effective. Essley’s handsome full color spreads, done in chalks, capture the bustle of the market, the terror of the servant and the inevitability of death…there is a haunting quality to both the story and the art that will continue to attract.”