Fine Art

Here is a sampling of my artwork, pictures shown in galleries and also in the collections of museums.

Here you can look through some of a series of pictures I created using old family pictures as a source. These are large drawings below (many are five feet tall) using only black conte crayon on heavy paper.

Each of these drawings layers several family snapshots together in one picture. These pictures are fused together to tell stories. Images merge and collide the way they do in a dream. The drawings often tell stories that span generations, reinvent event. In pictures below baby twins play at heart surgery, and grandma at the piano creates a dance across time.

Two images are merged in picture to the right. Three young women on a sleeping porch, and a cemetery plot are fused into a transparent mosaic. I often use three generations of family snapshots, my own, my fathers, and my grandparents to build a new image. Read Inside a Family Picture to learn more.

Fine Art Gallery

Look here for artwork shown in galleries and museums. Here is a selection of drawings from family images. The captions give a little info about each picture — what they are about or how they were made.